Education lead to empowerment and education is really the need to lead a quality life. This is a project running for extending education to slum areas. This project is funded by Peter claver for Guna and Ashoknagar areas Missio Internationals for Sagar slums. We extend services in 7 slums of Sagar district and 5 slums of Ashoknagar. There are Community for Learning Centres (CFLs) in all the slums, wherein we extend services by providing non formal education. Under this project quality learning and non formal education is given to 218 students in which 135 girls and 83 boys were there and 207 were mainstreamed to schools. Occasions were also celebrated like Childrens day, Independence day, Republic day and all other festivals. In order to enhance fair spirit and creativity we conduct many activities like salad decoration, rangoli making, drawing competitions etc. Authorities have appreciated MVSS for their behavioral change and personality development in connection with Beti Bachao Abhiyan.

For extending education we have also started Non Formal classes in Besapahadi, Banda, Jamghat, Naiserai, Barodia, Bina, Khaderakhurdh, Gulabganj, Mohanpur, Kherikhata, Gairtaganj and Sironj villages. In all this batches we have 20-30 children being educated and capacitated for mainstreaming to schools.