Health and Hygiene

Manav Vikas Seva Sangh has considered health and hygiene as prime factor for restoring healthy society. We believe that health education plays and important role in maintaining healthy and hygienic society. In this course we have worked with front line health workers in 24 villages, shaping the conditions of the village and sustaining healthy living practices.

Manav Vikas Seva Sangh has joined hands with CHAI, NIMA, MPSSS, CBCI CARD, and government AYUSH department and conducted several free medical camps in villages. Over 12726 people attend our camps and receive free treatment and medicines. Through our implementations we have been able to guide pregnant ladies in giving birth to healthy child at hospitals. By constant accompaniment and counseling we also have reduced MMR and IMR to a large extent. We also provide nutritious food supplements, free treatments, investigation and care to 1150 poor mothers from 44 villages of Sagar district.

We also run TB awareness and control programs in Sagar and Guna Districts. In the long run MVSS has covered as many as 8380 TB patients in restoring back their health. Constant linkages are done with CMHO, DTO, health centers, doctors and front line health workers (ANWs,ASHAs,ANMs). Government has collaborated in the long run by providing free medicines and consultancy during our medical camps.