Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment referring to empowered women in our society has been one of the goals of MVSS. We work together to empower women and girls from the poor and marginalized communities to advance women's opportunities and rights and to ensure that women participate.

In this course we have formed as many as 269 women groups and 33 mahila mandals. All the SHG(Self Helped Group) are linked with block and NABARD. These women are encouraged to start saving habit, inter-loaning, opening bank accounts, and linking with various loan schemes.

We have linked almost 197 women groups with bank. There is an amount of 25,40,082 INR as saving(31/03/2016) with 269 SHG's. These SHG spread in an area of 179 villages. 3642 females were motivated through our various training held in the year 2016. Our main concentration is on developing an attitude of coming together by forming CBOs of women.

We have supported 22 widows and 03 destitute women of our area for doing income generation program. Our main intention is that women also participate in income sharing of the family. More over these women also visit banks,conduct monthly meetings, put signatures, conduct training, and offer an idol towards the society.